If the active presence of the group KATHREIN in France raises at the beginning of 1960s, it is only about twenty years later that the activity in particular in the field of the professional radiocommunications took a real development, making indispensable the creation in April, 1985 of the Company “SODIANK Antennes and Systèmes”, property at first in 51 % by the group KATHREIN.

From the beginning, the SODIANK Company specialized in the marketing in France of products developed and made in Germany by KATHREIN-Werke KG, and intended for the main part for the various professional networks of radiocommunications, as well as for the transmitting systems for the broadcasting and the television. This domain still constitutes this day the core of our activities, grouped together today within our Professional Antennas Department.

A short time later, in 1989, seemed evident the necessity to develop (or to adapt) and to make specific products for the French market. It is in this period when was created our Systems of Radiocommunications Department, which develops and makes nowadays a lot of complementary products of the Professional Antenna products, not only for the French market, but also more and more in cooperation with the parent company and the various subsidiaries of the group, products were intended for the other markets.

At the beginning of 1990s, in front of a sensitive increase of the demand connected for the main part to the appearance of the GSM, the SODIANK Company had to adapt its structures and its means to the news look of the market of the radiocommunications. At the end of the year on 1993, the Company became wholly-owned subsidiary of the group KATHREIN, before changing a little time after its official naming in KATHREIN France. It is in August, 1994 that we moved in our current premises situated to Verrières-le-Buisson, in the South of the Paris region, the total surface of 3.700 m ² (among which approximately 2/3 constitute surfaces of storage), allowing us to face far better the increasing needs of our various markets, and to accommodate about fifty persons establishing our staff today.

Our Department Systems of Radiocommunications is a competence center integrated into the group KATHREIN, the main mission of which is to develop our know-how in particular in the field of the services with more large scale. In the same state of mind, a geographical diversification was realized, KATHREIN France having for mission to implant an effective presence of the group KATHREIN in Africa for the French & Arab speaking countries.