Since the last decade and even more, the presence of the KATHREIN group within the African countries has been constantly growing, thanks to its French subsidiary, KATHREIN France.

Being perfectly aware of the priorities from African mobile operators and also aware of the great diversity within the Telecom market on the African continent, each range of products offered by KATHREIN France is trying to reflect, as much as possible, an evolution and a diversity both challenging on this market.

At a time when the price has almost become the only one criterion for the decision-making regarding the choice of equipment, most of mobile operators now focus on a lot of challenges: how to reduce and enhance the number of sites to deploy (CAPEX)? Is it possible to better control the excessive and quite unpredictable price of on-site maintenance to guarantee GSM sites that can fully functioning (OPEX)? Or how to offer African customers an excellent quality of service (QoS), necessary to secure their loyalty, and their satisfaction?

It is clearly stated to KATHREIN, that these challenges can be taken up only with high-quality equipment. This is exactly why choosing quality and knowledge transfer became very important for Engineering and Technical Teams. Indeed, it can help mobile operators to achieve their targets and stand out from competition, which became very intense between Mobile Operators and within the broadband Market in Africa.

And this is why KATHREIN chose to stick to its philosophy «Quality leads the way ". KATHREIN France first priority is indeed to guarantee this quality, which is necessary for African mobile operators. And this is in that direction that KATHREIN France employees work very hard every day: to offer a Quality dedicated to Mobile Operators and African Customers!