• KATHREIN Opens New Office in Mexico City


Kathrein has opened a new office in Mexico City to steer future activities in Latin America. The opening was celebrated at an inauguration ceremony with business partners, customers and Kathrein employees. The new office is part of a strategy to expand the company’s presence in regional markets.

“The office launch is an important milestone on our way to strengthen our foothold and expand our presence in Latin America,” said Anton Kathrein, CEO of the Kathrein Group. “The new office space in the north-west of Mexico City provides the perfect setting for our team to offer optimum service to our customers in South and Central America.” Thanks to the modern, open-plan workspace, there is plenty of room for the employees. It is designed for further growth and additional work force.

The new office offers two conference rooms and a multi-functional room, which can be separated flexibly as required. “This provides ample space to present new solutions or conduct trainings for our customers and partners,” explained Rafael Rojo, CEO of Kathrein Latin America. There is also a small lab for carrying out tests and diagnostic inspections. A Kathrein RFID system ensures access control throughout the entire office space.

Latin America includes more than 30 countries and has very promising growth prospects. “There is a strong demand for new services running over high-performance communication technologies in this region. Kathrein offers a broad scope of competencies and can therefore help its customers to meet challenges and exploit new opportunities,” said Rojo.

The new office was opened in Mexico because the country is one of the most important markets in Latin America. The location in the capital city is in the immediate vicinity of important customers from the mobile communications sector. In 2015, Kathrein had already opened a new production facility in Tlaxcala.


  • Kathrein puts Testbed for LTE and 5G into Operation


Kathrein has opened a test environment for pioneering mobile network technologies at its headquarters in Rosenheim. It will be launched in collaboration with the Swedish communications corporation Ericsson. Kathrein will use the testbed to simulate novel applications in a trial network in order to gain valuable insights in the years to come. This will provide the basis for advancement of the current wireless communication standard LTE and the new standard 5G.
“The test environment will allow us to try out various technologies and their interaction in a single overall system - a capability that is very important for our development work,” explains Maximilian Göttl, Head of Portfolio & Innovation in Kathrein's Communication Products division. We’re creating our own network, as it were, so as to be able to draw conclusions from live operation.” The insights gained in this way will allow systems to be improved on a step-by-step basis, which is essential in connection with the new wireless communication standard 5G in particular.

Key insights for future practical application
“In this way we can derive recommendations for industry and network operators in terms of optimum system design,” says Göttl. He adds that this is also relevant to the technology area Massive MIMO (Multiple Input, Multiple Output). MIMO already forms part of current LTE technology, where several reception and transmission antennas are used at the same time. In the case of Massive MIMO, dozens or even hundreds of antenna modules are deployed in an array. This allows very high data throughput rates in a frequency band.
One of the focus areas of the testbed trials will be the automotive sector. Cars will be equipped with the appropriate antenna systems so as to optimise data transmission from and to cars. In this way, test runs conducted in Rosenheim will yield valuable insights in terms of future system design. Kathrein is also collaborating with Altair Engineering GmbH. The global CAE software provider whose German headquarters are in Böblingen, provides WinProp, a programme that simulates mobile network coverage based on maps. Real testbed measurements can then be checked against the computer simulation. The ultimate aim is to be able to use computers alone to conduct test runs for future system architectures.

Project launch with Ericsson
In the new test environment, Kathrein’s innovation department is collaborating with Ericsson’s research department. The Stockholm-based network supplier has been one of Kathrein's partners for many years, now providing the base stations and other components for the measurements. “The testbed underpins our aspiration to be a pioneer when it comes to new technologies. In Rosenheim we will shape the future,” says Anton Kathrein, CEO of the Kathrein Group.



  • KATHREIN Integrates Mobile Communication into Ad Space


KATHREIN has developed an innovative system for a mobile communication service at particularly lively spots. The solution was named “Kathrein Inside Connect”. It is designed to be easily integrated into street furniture such as billboards, columns and bus shelters.” Kathrein Inside Connect” is a modular antenna system: the simple plug-in system allows multiple configurations by just sticking the modules together. The components have a compact and flat design and can be incorporated into all sorts of street furniture. This guarantees easy access to power and to the fixed networks. Depending on the number of modules that are built in, a radius of up to 300 m can be covered. and therefore not visible. The small cell solution enables high data rates in busy pedestrian areas and along busy streets. KATHREIN developed the modular system together with JC Decaux, the number one outdoor advertising company worldwide.

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  • Kathrein acquires Enkom group and strengthens national and international service business


Through the acquisition, high-quality technology is combined with customised communication solutions. This represents a significant step for the future of Enkom in the digitalisation. With Kathrein as a leading specialist in communications technology, Enkom aims at a faster increase in the service business. The connection of both competencies strengthens Enkom‘s strategy as a provider of total solutions in the national and international market.

Further details on the acquisition, please refer to the press release



  • Kathrein Delivers Superior Value to its Customers in APAC


Kathrein sees APAC at the forefront of the digital revolution and is therefore strengthening its presence in the region to deliver superior value to its customers. At the beginning of this year, Ashwini Bakshi, a senior professional with a strong track record in communication technologies, joined Kathrein as Managing Director APAC to set up a new regional headquarter in Singapore and steer business and sales activities in Asia-Pacific. Kathrein is showcasing its unique expertise and capabilities in the fields of mobile communication, indoor and broadcast at CommunicAsia, Asia’s largest integrated ICT event (31 May to 3 June 2016).

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  • KATHREIN Puts New Data Centre into Operation at its Headquarters


Communications technology specialist Kathrein has established the basis for homogeneous IT infrastructure across the Kathrein Group. After nearly one and a half years of construction, the company is commissioning a state-of-the-art data centre in direct proximity to its plant in Salinstrasse. Here all central data processing within the Kathrein Group will be carried out in the future. Up to now the individual company sites had all operated using their own IT landscapes. They will now be joined up using the same IT infrastructure.

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  • KATHREIN honoured twice with German Design Awards


Kathrein has been honoured with two of the prestigious German Design Awards. The K-BOW Remote Unit, a solution for indoor mobile telephony, was amongst the prize winners in the category “Excellent Product

Design – Building and Elements”. Because of its impressive concept, this unit had already gained the iF Design Award 2015. The interactive Kathrein Smart-City impressed the judges in the category “Excellent Communications Design – Interactive User Experience”. Both prizes were presented last Friday (12th February) in Frankfurt.

The curved Remote Unit is available in silver or white. It is the visible component of the innovative K-BOW system from Kathrein. Mounted on the wall, it gives an attractive impression, on which the jury based their verdict: “The Radio Unit offers a neat and discreet design, with no irritating wires. It fits unobtrusively into modern interior architecture and confidently takes its place alongside lighting, climatic control and other components of building management.“

During its development, the designers faced the particular challenge of combining an attractive appearance with the complex technical aspects of the system. “Great credit to the product designer Stefan Weber and the engineering team, who achieved phenomenal success in resolving this challenge”, says Torsten Wulff, Manager of the Kathrein Filter Division, within which the K-BOW was developed. The attractive design of the Remote Unit had already been honoured with the coveted iF Design Award in 2015.
Kathrein Smart-City brings complex technology to life

The judges made the award for design of the Kathrein Smart-City on the access that it gives to highly complex technology. “The exhibit juxtaposes real and virtual space, with a display that shows a live model of the city overlaid with a virtual level. Thus the user receives up-to-date information, illustrating the high standard of technical performance achieved by Kathrein“. The interactive Kathrein Smart-City simulates during the course of a 24-hour day how the indoor mobile telephony demand continually changes and how the K-BOW manages capacity dynamically and flexibly. “Our unique augmented reality installation is an impressive demonstration of the solutions that our company is developing for the continually increasing data traffic within buildings”, says Frank Weber, Marketing Manager at Kathrein.

At the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona from 22th to 25th February 2016, the Kathrein Smart-City was once again a highlight of the exhibition stand. Compared to the previous year, the new unit combines indoor, macro and small-cell solutions. So the system can be called “Kathrein Street Connect”. This solution was developed in cooperation with the mobile telephony operator Swisscom, and has revolutionised mobile telephony in the inner city. At hotspots with heavy data traffic, it expands the mobile telephony network capability, using antennas embedded in the ground. The system is specially conceived for use in environments with high building densities.

  • KATHREIN is the No 1 for Mobile Communication Antennas


Kathrein is the number one among providers of mobile communication antennas. This has been confirmed by a recent study of ABI Research, a renowned market research institute. According to the study, almost a quarter (24.8 per cent) of the LTE antennas sold worldwide come from Kathrein.

LTE is the abbreviation for Long Term Evolution and refers to the fourth-generation mobile communication standard (4G). It allows considerably higher data transmission and download rates. Using the technology, network operators can satisfy the significantly increasing capacity requirements of mobile communication users. ABI Research forecasts an almost fivefold rise in the monthly data volume per user by 2019.

The mobile communication market is currently in the midst of progressive concentration: According to the calculations of ABI Research, 76.2% of the market was shared by the four leading providers in 2014. In the previous year, this figure was 72.4%. Kathrein was not only able to underline its top position in relation to market share but also competitive strength. With 95.5 out of 100 points, ABI Research confirms the company’s particularly high power of innovation, strong global sales organisation, close relationships with leading network operators and especially broad range of solutions for different frequency spectrums and mobile communication standards.

Multi-band antennas becoming increasingly important

“We have held our own at the top of the market for sophisticated mobile communication antennas for many years,” says Joe Doering, CSO of the Kathrein Group. “First place in the recent ABI study underlines the high appreciation that customers have for our solutions.” Kathrein pursues a considerable amount of research and development work to enable mobile communication providers to invest securely in the establishment and expansion of their networks. Multi-band antennas are becoming increasingly important. According to ABI Research, they should have a market share of more than 85 per cent by 2019. Demand is also rising for active systems.

Reliable and future-proof systems from Kathrein

“Our customers appreciate the combination of outstanding quality, high reliability and personal support,” says Manfred Steinbacher, head of the Mobile Communication Antennas division. “Mobile communication networks of the future must be even more high-performance, flexible and efficient. Our solutions and systems are future-proof, offer low total cost of ownership and guarantee reliable data transmission.”


  • UFOmini certified for FRANSAT 


FRANSAT certified Kathrein UFOmini headends for transition to full HD Cologne, 9 June 2015 - FRANSAT, the French free DTT satellite platform will move to full HD during early 2016 and accelerate the launch of new HD certified satellite devices to ensure a smooth transition of its ecosystem.

FRANSAT provides a free to view offer to more than 2 million TV sets where 0.5 million are covered through collective satellite head ends and teledistribution within residential multi dwellings and community facilities. So called FRANSAT PRO, this solution is based on transmodulation of satellite to terrestrial signals (DVB-S/-S2 to DVB-T/-T2) and use of professional CAM technology for mass descrambling of TV services. The new Kathrein UFOmini stand-alone head unit has been certified by FRANSAT to offer a high density transmodulation solution according to the next FRANSAT PRO HD services list. Based on 8 x multi-standard DVB-S/-S2 frontends, 6 x decoding (CI) interfaces and eight DVB-T output channels, the UFOmini is the perfect solution to ensure a smooth transition to full HD in the redistribution of the French DTT services. The UFOmini headend integrates the FRANSAT PRO channel filter functionality including NIT and LCN processing to be fully compliant with the French DTT signalization. It offers also an easy remote service and configuration via IP connection. The Kathrein UFOmini headend solution will be available on the market for the FRANSAT distributors and installers from September 2015.

About FRANSAT FRANSAT is a simple and fast solution for subscription-free satellite reception of France’s 25 DTT channels of which 13 broadcast in HD, as well as additional local and thematic channels and radio stations. FRANSAT also enables access to à la carte pay TV services. In addition, FRANSAT recently launched its interactive portal called “FRANSAT Connect” that provides viewers with a wide range of interactive services including advanced program guide, infotainment, access to catch-up services and video on demand, and including a companion screen application. Today received by 2 million TV sets, the platform is broadcasted via the EUTELSAT 5 West A satellite located at 5° West. FRANSAT is a 100% subsidiary of Eutelsat SA, one of the world’s leading satellite operators. For more information please visit www.fransat.fr
About Kathrein

Kathrein is a leading international specialist for reliable, high-quality communication technologies. The company is an innovation and technology leader in today’s connected world. Its products and solutions enable people all over the world to communicate, access information and use media, whether at home, at the office or on the road. The business covers a broad spectrum: from mobile communication, signal enhancement and data transmission in buildings, to fibre optic and cable networks and satellite reception technology, to radio and TV transmission and transmission and reception systems in vehicles. As a hidden champion and family-owned enterprise, Kathrein has been working on the technologies of tomorrow since 1919. The business takes pride in its dedicated employees and passion for customers and quality. Find out more about Kathrein at www.kathrein.com.


  • Our Management


The Kathrein Group is led by an experienced and competent team: Three adept experts stand shoulder to shoulder with the company’s Managing Director, Anton Kathrein: Frank Ullmann, Joe Doering and Norbert Schindler. With an eye on high-level market dynamics, constantly changing customer requirements and formidable challenges as a result of technological change, management set the course of the company. The top objective is to be a pioneer and set the pace in the field of communication technology.
Managing Partner

Following his studies of electrical engineering at Karlsruhe University, Anton Kathrein (2nd from the right) joined the company as an engineer on 1 September 2012. But a few weeks later, after the unexpected death of his father, Prof. Anton Kathrein, he took on entrepreneurial responsibility for KATHREIN-Werke KG and the Kathrein Group. As Chief Executive Officer and Managing Partner Anton Kathrein leads the family business with discretion, consideration and sense for the employees into the future. He maintains the strengths of the company, which are steeped in tradition: Innovative strength, perseverance, independence and a keen sense of responsibility.
Finance & Administration

Norbert Schindler (right), Chief Financial Officer of the Kathrein Group, can look back on many years of experience in the field of finance. After gathering experience in the world of banking, he also held top positions  at an industrial company and an accounting firm. Before he took over as Chief Financial Officer in the executive board, he was also Head of Finance at KATHREIN-Werke KG  as well as Chairman of Erste Rosenheimer Finanzservice AG.
Operations & IMS

Frank Ullmann (left) began his professional career with training as a banker and then studied Business Administration. First as a consultant and later with several companies, he led various projects whose focus included workflow and structural organisation, optimisation of the value chain and realignment of sales/distribution structures. In 2002 he joined KATHREIN-Werke KG, and has held the position of Chief Operating Officer in Kathrein’s management since 2012.
Sales & Marketing

Following an apprenticeship as an industrial clerk, Joe Doering (2nd from the left) studied Industrial Engineering at the Technical University in Berlin and Marketing, International Management and Finance at the University of California. He worked more than ten years in various positions of responsibility at Siemens AG, including Head of Strategy at Siemens Communications as well as Head of Central Sales at the Siemens land-line unit ICN. In 2007 Joe Doering transferred to Nokia Siemens Networks (NSN), where he expanded business in regional markets. Prior to joining Kathrein as Chief Sales Officer, he was on the board of directors at Swisslog AG, and was responsible for the division Warehouse & Distribution Solutions.

The Kathrein Executive Board (from left to right): Frank Ullmann, Joe Doering, Anton Kathrein and Norbert Schindler.