Performance environnementaleAfter a collective awakening so much difficult, the environmental protection seems to be in the heart of all the debates of our world.

Forerunner on the subject following the example of the technological innovation of our products, we became aware from 2001 of the importance of the sustainable development for our company.

The implementation of an environmental management system integrated into our quality system already existing was a real springboard in our will to make the maximum to reduce the impacts of our activity on the environment while perpetuating the quality and the high technology of our products. The commitment of all our employees is translated by the signature of a charter in 10 points. Inspired by the standard ISO 26000, the social responsibility is also an important element of our reflection and our integrated management system.

Naturally, we subscribe to the United Nations Global compact for the environmental protection and the respect for the human rights and we promote as much as possible these values with our partners.

The economic and social domain not being absent in the sustainable development, a majority of KATHREIN’s products are made in Europe facilitating a well-balanced distribution of jobs.

Environmental Manager