1. Pratical training – installation of aerial systems


I. Base Station Antennas

Installation of Base Station antennas (outdoor and omni)

Azimut : concept

Azimut : how to use the azimuth adjustment tool

Mechanical and electrical downtilts

Water discharge


II. Jumpers and feeder cables

Handling of jumpers and specificities

The Choice and handling of the appropriate feeder cable and specificities

Curvative resistance of a feeder cable and standards to comply with Installation of connectors with the appropriated stripping tool

Tightening of connectors and handling of wrench handle for connectors

Instructions to use hoisting grips

Fastening of feeder cables on pylons

Choice of clamps for feeder cables fastening on pylons


III. Protection of equipments on mobile networks and grounding

3 points grounding

Stripping of Feeder cable with the appropriate tool for grounding

Installation of grounding kits

Flow path for the lightning current (lightening arrestor, grounding bar and Crow-foot earthing system)

Weather proofing of connecting points and grounding points

Final tests and measurements

VSWR (Voltage standing wave ratio) measurements of Base Station antennas