1. Theoretical Basis on Base Station antennas

Targets: Radio Engineers, Planning Engineers, Optimization Engineers, Design Engineers

Period: 1 day


  • Theoretical basis

    Main principles, main technical specificities of a base station antenna, more advanced technical specificities of a base station antenn


  • Configuration of a mobile network

    The choice of base station antennas regarding its properties and the on-site challenge


  • Integration of a mobile network into the environment

    On-site aspect and solutions for cell site integration into the environment

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2. Formation pratique installation des aériens


Targets: Technicians, Installers, Maintenance Team, Engineers Radio, Planning, Optimization, Design

Period: 1 day


  • Base Station Antennas

  • Jumpers and feeders cables

  • Protection of equipments on mobile networks and grounding

  • Final tests and measurements