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Kathrein Broadcast Solutions: Présentation d'un outil de mesure de haute précision pour les technologies de transmission.

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  • KATHREIN présente ses dernières innovations


Kathrein présente à Singapour ses innovations concernant la communication mobile et les solutions broadcast.

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Kathrein presents its innovative technical monitoring system for transmitters at the IBC in Amsterdam (Hall 8, Stand 8.C29). It will also be displaying a new generation of UHF antennas. The International Broadcasting Convention is one of the most important exhibitions in the world for film, radio and television. It takes place this year on 9-13 September.
Broadcasters must work around the clock, seven days a week, to ensure the high reliability of their transmissions. However, transmitters are exposed to a wide range of often adverse environmental conditions. For example, lightning strikes in summer or ice in winter can frequently lead to service interruptions. It is therefore of great importance to radio broadcasters to be able to detect problems at an early stage and initiate rapid measures.  
Kathrein Smart Monitoring is a new kind of monitoring system for transmitters that creates transparency. The system, the result of a cooperation between Kathrein and the Swiss company "DAC System SA", uses special sensors to record all important operating parameters in the transmitter components in real time and compares them with target values from regular operation. All deviations are consistently logged to provide an early indication of a potential disturbance.
Transmitter operators can comfortably view the measurements via network access. If there are any critical changes in status or if threshold values are exceeded, an alarm is triggered and signalled via app, SMS message or e-mail.
"This system considerably reduces the time and costs incurred in monitoring transmitters, because transmitters normally require regular routine controls," explains Jörg Lippert, head of sales at Kathrein in the radio antenna division. The Kathrein Smart Monitoring system can be employed with new antenna system installations and it can also be integrated into existing systems.
Kathrein also presents another new development in the field of broadcasting antennas in the form of the UHF Cavity Slot series. These models combine uncomplicated connection and commissioning (Plug & Play) with high broadband flexibility. The antenna family consists of various types of low, medium and high power transmitters and displays a low level of reflectance values. Thanks to their compact construction, they achieve an extremely low wind load and low weight, which promotes fast and easy installation. They lend themselves to modular installation, either one above the other or alongside each other, for improved radiation outputs, higher antenna gain and special diagram requirements.
"Broadcasters benefit from an efficient and cost-effective broadband antenna solution for the transmission of digital television channels in the UHF frequency range between 470 and 790 MHz", says Lippert. The first antennas of this new model series will be delivered to customers in the fourth quarter of this year.




  • KATHREIN presents a new generation of UHF Broadcast Antennas

Kathrein has extended its portfolio of broadcast antennas. The new “Cavity Slot Antenna” series combines easy connection options with a high broadband flexibility. This type of antenna will be centre stage at the Kathrein stand at the IBC, Europe’s largest broadcasting convention held in Amsterdam from 8 to 12 September.

The Cavity Slot Antenna family includes different types for low, medium and high transmitting powers and features low reflection characteristics. Its compact design ensures low weight and low wind load. This allows for easy installation at the transmitter stations. “Broadcast providers will get an efficient and economical broadband antenna solution for transmitting digital TV channels in the entire UHF range from 470 to 790 MHz”, explains Wolfgang Niedhammer, Director Sales and Marketing, Broadcast Antennas, at Kathrein.

The antenna is horizontally polarised and, due to its cardioid horizontal diagram, ideal for directional radiation into a coverage area. The integrated null fill prevents coverage gaps in the immediate vicinity of the transmitting site. Several antennas can be mounted on top of each other to achieve an even higher antenna gain. Kathrein will start delivering the new antennas to customers in the last quarter of 2016.

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  • Précision à 2000 mètres d'altitude

Depuis Juillet 2014, une nouvelle antenne Kathrein a équipé le pylône du Kitzbühel avec les programmes de télévision numérique. Les Experts Kathrein ont assuré le bon déroulement de ce projet complexe.




  • Accord de partenariat


Afin de renforcer notre activité de service et notre support auprès de nos clients et partenaires du monde du Broadcast, nous vous informons que KATHREIN France a signé un accord de partenariat avec la société SIRA (filiale du groupe KATHREIN) portant sur la réalisation de projets clés en mains sur le territoire Français. Depuis le 15 octobre 2015, KATHREIN France propose ainsi des prestations complémentaires de gestion de projets telles que mise en service, réglage, installation …
Ces prestations portent sur l’ensemble de la gamme de produits Broadcast de la marque SIRA et de la marque KATHREIN. N’hésitez pas à nous contacter pour plus d’information.  



  • Nouvelle embauche

Fort d’une expérience de 15 ans dans les produits et systèmes Broadcast (BCA) dont plus de 5 ans en tant que responsable d’affaires, Jérôme FAVREAU a rejoint KATHREIN France depuis le 5 octobre 2015 comme technico-commercial afin de développer notre activité BCA. Son savoir-faire en matière de suivi d’affaires et son expertise technique produits permettront l’accompagnement de nos clients et partenaires dans toute la chaîne de valeur d’un projet. N’hésitez pas à contacter :

Jérôme Favreau au + 33 (0) 6 70 74 47 55  ou 





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